You can pose questions to the presenter(s) by pressing the 'ASK QUESTION' button. Just type in your question and submit it! Other attendees will see your question in the list, and they can vote it up higher and higher on the list. Each attendee has 100 points to vote questions up the list. If you use all your points, don't worry because you gain back one point every second!
Engage in a conversation with your fellow attendees... just add a comment into the discussion to share your thoughts with other attendees. To make commenting more fun, access emojis on your desktop device. Access the emoji keyboard by pressing Windows Key + ; on a PC and Command + Control + Space on a Mac.
Technical Tips
If you are experiencing technical issues, please review the Tech Tips for an Optimal Virtual Meeting Experience. If you need additional support, you can contact Technical Support by phone or support ticket via the Technical Support link in the footer of the event website.